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 The right press brake is within reach. MC Press Brakes all electric BB Series and hybrid BH Series provide unmatched speed and accuracy. The quick set-up and new control allow all MC Press Brakes to be run with ease by both new and experienced operators.  The PA hydraulic brake is a simple and economic machine and that allows each customer to create his “perfect solution”, using a tailor-made combination of accessories and options.  


Mitsubishi Laser designs, manufactures and performance-matches every critical laser-cutting component to the highest standards—in the most demanding environments. From small job shops making the first move toward laser machines, to sophisticated laser automation cells, we’ve got solutions and support that surpass the rest.


From small fabrication shops to massive lights-out operations, our laser automation experts will work with you to determine the right combination of machines, storage towers, product carts and break-in stations. And because Mitsubishi Laser automation is modular and flexible, we can grow with you. Thanks to our wide range of options—including configurations that require 30 percent less floor space than typical laser automation setups—we have solutions for any application.


Using a nitrogen generator to produce high purity N2 gas on-demand at the point of process can reduce gas costs by as much as 90%. Compared to using high pressure cylinders or bulk liquid nitrogen through a gas supplier, installing a nitrogen generator from South-Tek Systems can deliver a return on investment in as little as 18 months and provide a low cost of operation throughout the systems’ long life span.


InspecVision Planar U.S. facilitates parts inspection in a fraction of the time it used to take. The Planar inspection system—the world’s fastest automated 2D inspection system—requires zero setup, features single-click inspection, and records up to 40 million points in under 0.1 seconds. It’s simply the fastest, most accurate, and most effective solution for manufacturers and others responsible for quality control!



AMS is a distributor of new and used Mitsubishi lasers, automation, and press brakes in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Western Wisconsin. Our goal is to help fabricators improve throughput, increase efficiency and reduce waste. With a superior product line and years of experience in the metal fabrication industry, AMS will be able to deliver a solution that best helps you achieve your business goals.

In addition to sales, our technical staff can provide the on-site training and support needed to get the most out of your fabrication equipment


Used Equipment


2015 EX 4500

Available Immediately

Type: CO2 Laser

Wattage: 4500

Table Size: 5'X10'

eX-F80 D-CUBES high quality pirc.png

2019 EX-F80

Available Immediately

Type: Fiber Laser

Wattage: 8000

Table Size: 5'X10'


2018 BH8525

Available Immediately

2.5 meter table

94 tons

FF axis (5 axis)

6- month warranty 


Brands Represented




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